About Lodge Edinburgh Castle No.1764


Brief History of Lodge Edinburgh Castle No.1764

 Consecration Ceremony

At 18:00 on the 31st October 1986, within Freemasons Hall, 96 George Street, Edinburgh, the brethren present were called to order and asked to be upstanding to receive the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Brother J.M.Marcus Humphrey of Dinnet.

The Lodge was opened, passed and raised before the MW Grand Master Mason stated that the purpose of the meeting was to erect and consecrate a new Lodge named EDINBURGH CASTLE bearing Lodge number 1764 on the roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Having been presented with the Cornucopia, Vessel of Wine and the Vessel of Oil, the MW Grand Master Mason received the salute of the Master and Office Bearers, designate of Lodge Edinburgh Castle, the Grand Lodge and Consecration Ceremony were then closed in due and ancient form. 

Ceremony of Installation

Lodge Edinburgh Castle was then opened for the first time, by the RW Past Depute Grand Master, Bro. Hector.C.Campbell. The Master designate, Bro William Alfred Thomson was then presented, having taken the obligation of Installed Master Bro. Thomson was proclaimed as RWM of Lodge Edinburgh Castle, 1764. The office bearers as per the following list were then installed in due and ancient form. 

Substitute Master  W.Riddell  

Depute Master H.Bristow

Worshipful Senior Warden R.Lansley   Worshipful Junior Warden R.Darey

Senior Deacon L.W.Walker  

Junior Deacon A.Brown

Secretary J.L.Taylor  

Treasurer M.McBurnie

Assistant Secretary R.Addison  

Assistant Treasurer B.Clunie

Almoner  T.Ross  

Chaplain J.Dawson

Bible Bearer J.Conners  

Inner Guard B.McKenzie

Tyler F.A.Wright  

Senior Steward G.Gray

1st Steward R.Cooper   2nd Steward D.Currie

3rd Steward J.Liddell   4th Steward I.Black






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